The Crumpetty Tree is owned and run by Angie. We make a selection of daily specials like oven bakes, pies, tarts and soups with an emphasis on flavour, variety and quality of ingredients.

Kirthi, Callum and Angie cook all our specials, salads, pates and cakes in the cafe and as far as possible use local or locally sourced produce to create delicious meals to eat in or take away.

We offer freshly made salads and a range of picnic boxes including:

  • Salad box: Selection of freshly made salads from the deli counter – £5.20
  • Lunch box:  Choose from a range of vegan, vegetarian, fish or meat specials plus a side salad – £6.50
  • Large salad box:  Selection of freshly made salads from the deli counter plus home made pate and anti-pasti – £6.50
  • Special lunch box: One main with a selection of freshly made salads from the deli counter with pate and anti-pasti – £7.50
  • Extra special box: One main with bumper selection of freshly made salads from the deli counter, with pate and anti-pasti plus cheese or meat – £9.00

Crumpetty Tree Sandwiches (20p extra on a baguette)

  • The Red Zeppelin: Home made red lentil pate with olives and rocket leaves – £4.20
  • This Charming Man: Sussex Charmer cheese with Sussex beer mustard and rocket – £4.20
  • Screaming Blue Messiah: Brighton Blue cheese with caramelised onion and leaf salad – £4.40
  • The Purple One: Sister Sarah goats cheese with home made beetroot and fennel relish with leaf salad – £4.40
  • Return of the Mack: Home made mackerel pate with rocket and lemon – £4.20
  • Ninja Tuna: Home made tuna mayonnaise with rocket and lemon – £4.20
  • The Rose Royce: Bacon and Burwash Rose cheese with leaf salad – £4.70
  • Cluck Berry:  Home roasted chicken with sunblushed tomatoes and leaves – £4.70
  • The Notorious P.I.G.:  Home cooked gammon with Sussex Charmer cheese, Sussex beer mustard and rocket – £4.70

5 Responses to Menu

  1. lcavanaghuk says:

    I ate at The Crumpetty Tree today and loved it! I had a salad box (takeaway) which was yummy, the service I received was very helpful and up beat! I will definitely be back 🙂

  2. ukdrew76 says:

    What a fantastic place to go for something to eat. Great staff, great food and really nice just to sit in, chat and enjoy the ambiance.

  3. Dulcie says:

    love the logo! good luck for the opening.

  4. Sian says:

    Wow looks wonderful especially home made scotch eggs……….

  5. Sandra says:

    Good luck with your new Cafe Angie, hope to be down soon for some hot crumpets, Sandra and Dan XX

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